A Valentine in Devonport.

Valentine's Day was also the first Devonport Craft Market for the year, I was there with wee stall and goodies in tow as usual. Some shots from the day for y'all to enjoy.

My stall.

With some new hot water bottle covers.

I did my best to spread some Valentine Day love.

And I met some lovely new stall holders! It's always so nice to see a fresh face. I bought a olive fringe scarf from an amazing husband/wife team, Spiro Creations. Barb and Isaac have just resettled here in NZ from Winnipeg, Canada and are too lovely, they even threw in some leafy earrings for good measure! Thanks so much guys! I hope to post me actually in the bits at some point but for now they are sitting pretty at my place.

They also make the most amazing shoes- I cannot wait to see these on their table!

And they have some pretty stylish friends too, soon to be seen on Auckland Street Style

After the market we decided to spread some Valentine love around Devonport. 

Even up Mt Vic.

And then we found a house covered in scaffolding, but decorations too. They looked to be for Chinese New Year. See you at the Lantern Festival?

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Kimberlee and Lies said...

Heavens I've seen those shoes on Etsy! And now her in Auck, how excellent. I MUST get to that market!

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