On my 'big trip' a few years ago now (that long?!) I managed to get my hands on some Toms shoes. Oh how I loved them. Then on my return home they all of a sudden disappeared! But now, thanks to my very nice mother and a trip to Vancouver I have another pair to comfort my feet.

Hi Toms, nice to meet you.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention my Auckland Art and Craft Market purchase. From a great new kid on the block (I think! I've not see her wonderful bits before) LUU. You can read a little about her here, one very lovely lady!

Here is my.. what would you call it?.. awesomeness up on my wall.


luu said...
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luu said...

Hey Olivia! thanks for adding this post in your blog, it was so wonderful to meet you, you can tell right away without even a doubt the beautiful energy that you spread to everyone around you, I love how the little mobile looks on your wall, lets keep in touch... :)

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