The end.

Last week was a majorca! And now it's finally come to an end I'm feeling pretty exhausted and run down. Today is being spent in bed! So far it's going pretty well, there has been a lot of silence, tea and one mango. The Auckland Art and Craft Fair on Saturday was grand, I had such a good time and the nearly sleepless night before it was well worth it. Thank you to everyone who came along to support all of us makers.

I barely had a second to leave my stall, luckily a lovely helper took a few photos for me to share with y'all.

And me looking thoughtful, not!

And a few photos of the last minute prep that I didn't get a chance to post pre market, I think it was because I found an orange goblin in my kitchen.


Amber Parkin said...

Sweet minty nail polish! I wen to the fair & was going to say hi but your stall was mobbed. Hope you were successful!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Hey Amber! Sorry I missed ya, I hope you enjoyed the market- it was choca! Thanks for the polish compliment, sephora sephora sephora!

Melissa said...

Your stand looked great. Hope you made heaps of sales and congrats about the art exhibition :)

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