Way back in 2008 I read this and ever since I've wanted to visit Wondermilk but never had I been to Asia. So these cheap flights came up to Kuala Lumpur and I'm not going to lie Wondermilk had a wee bit to do with my $200 return decision! Lucky, it's loveliness is still in business and on our last morning in KL we taxied to Wondermilk. It's not in an ideal place for a traveller, definitely in the 'burbs and in amongst what seemed to be a road of mechanics but we made it!

It was all I could have imagined, we had the place to ourselves and I scoffed two cupcakes as my breakfast. Perry, my travel mate had something a bit more substantial and the decor I could have photographed for hours.

A (large) selection of photos from our morning to follow.

The goodies I collected.


Claire said...

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Georgiebird said...

Wow, that rainbow cupcake looks too good to be true.

banana meet-cute said...

Yum, I think I'd go all the way to Malaysia for those cupcakes too, they look amazing!

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