Running for Jacob.

A few months ago friends of mine lost someone very dear to them. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jake but know from the memories he's left with the people I know that he was one hell of a guy. There is now an amazing scholarship in his name and one beautiful woman is running her heart out to raise awareness and funding for the cause.

'The Jacob Beck-Jaffurs Memorial Scholarship has been established in recognition of Jacobs life, and his vision for equality of opportunity for young people. This fund will be used to support students from low decile schools and ensure they get the chances he considered himself fortunate to have had.'

 Laura is writing a lovely blog about her journey toward the Auckland City Marathon and is now calling for support and runners to join her. I cannot imagine running 42km even in my dreams, she's one hell of a lady too. Have a look at her blog here and help get the word out!

Go Laura!

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