Something new on Federal.

I spent the afternoon yesterday roaming around in the sun and passed this lovely new place on Federal St, I did not enter but those chairs are mean I'll be back!

And I just found this note about it here. Depot here I come!

‘Depot’ is going to be a frantic and fast paced eatery, serving unpretentious food on plates to share. There’s a raw bar, where oysters and fresh shellfish will be shucked to order. The main kitchen (open) will feature a large charcoal grill and a hard wood oven. The food is fresh and all about sharing: think crab cakes, roasted whole fish, smoked 12hr brisket, crisp pork hocks etc. Two or three components on the plate, no dots, no smears, no foams!

A small wine list, with one beer and one cider on tap. The emphasis will be on fast and efficient fuss free service. Wine served in tumblers, high leaners and tables, eating at the bar, plates of food arriving at speed in a slightly random but logical order. Professional wait staff…..no posers with attitude or the ‘too cool for school’ servers here, just hard working waiters with their sleeves rolled up, getting on with looking after you!

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