Last night I went with some friends to a beaut kitchen, decorated with flowers and fairy lights, to learn from a master how to make the elusive macaron. I took along my camera in the hope to share many pretty pictures of the night with you but the memory card was not in it! Oh how I nearly cried because it really was the nicest set up and when the 200+ macarons were set out to pipe with filing it looked grand!

Talita, macaron extraordinaire, did an amazing job sharing all her secrets with us and we eat received a little book full of recipes and 'maca-woes'.

I had every intention of photographing my wee box of take home macarons to share but unfortunately they were scoffed before I got the chance (with help!) even though Talita said they are better after a day in the fridge! I could not wait! We made salted caramel, rose water, pistachio, toblerone and lavender with white chocolate (my favourite of the bunch).

Watch this space for my macaron attempt. Some pictures of Talitas macarons below taken from her blog.

Thank you Talita and Chelsea for your kitchen!


Teresa said...

I was there too! I took some photos and will go through them soon. Was going to have mine with lunch today but left them at home...

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Oh how nice they are! I've already started looking up mixers on trademe :) will you post your pictures? I hope!

same old story said...

i'm sorry, did you say rose water? The memory function of my brain is causing a gag reflex.

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