Cardboard room.

While Rosemary and I were visiting Italy we spent a good amount of time at a friends place. We'd been to the beach most days and explored the city, Salerno, we went to Amalfi and then came a day when it was too hot and we were to tired to leave the house. We made it as far as the stack of cardboard boxes at the door of the apartment block- we got an idea. Why not decorate his room in cardboard we thought? So we did. And why not.

We had big dreams, we carried as many boxes as we could up the stairs (the lift was broken) and started cutting and taping and by the time we went back down for more, they were all gone. So this is as good as it got!

He has a minor obsession with Flight of the Conchords, hence the humans are dead robot and swallows are his favourite bird.

And we never heard the end of his dream of a owning a swimming donkey, hence this strange creature.

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kimberlee said...

very cool. never underestimate cardboard. I hope he kept it the new decore permanently.

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