Exclusively native to a place.

Another thing of note, two posts in under ten minutes things are really happening here!, the great things happening at Endemic World at the moment. I recently on my trip overseas found out what endemic actually means, for those of you who are clueless like me it means 'exclusively native to a place'. So here are some good goods exclusively native to New Zealand and Endemic World.

Zoe Ikin already makes some beautiful Helvetica Brooches but I'm smitten with these silver triangles, so simple but so perfect.

'This Salvage Billboard Bag by Paradigm is made from used billboards. 100% made in New Zealand. Perfect for shopping or the beach. Each bag is a one-off and super tough.'

I really want this bag! And at $29 they are so cheap, I think I might just have to snap it up. Come on pay day.

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