Moka express me.

In the depths of the Basilicata countryside, in a little town called Tramutola, Rosemary and I learnt how to make the best Bialetti coffee. We both bought a Bialetti to bring home so thought we best find out how to use the thing. I took photographic evidence so I would not forget.

I've been drinking from my Bialetti almost everyday since being home, it always tastes so good. So I thought I'd share the ways of the Bialetti with you all too.

The Basilicata countryside.

Welcome to Tramutola.

How could you not want a espresso made by this little guy!

Step one, take your Bialetti base and fill with water up to the screw.

Put the next piece over the water filled base, add delicious coffee grinds (they told us the best we might find abroad is Illy). The way he is holding it is a must, I tried a few times with it on the bench and what a mess I made, I couldn't remember how they were so neat! (Thank god for my ridiculous amount of photos)

Make a wee coffee pyramid.

Screw the lid on as tight as possible.

And away we go!

Here comes the coffee!

Listen for the sound. A sound that I'm struggling to find letters to represent. You can hear it here.  Turn off the element and wait for the all the coffee to stop coming out the pipe into the top.


Over the sugar. Sugar in first.

Stir in the sugar.

Drink, in three sips, while hot, hot, hot.


And a great Christmas present for Bialetti lovers like me, perhaps I'll just treat myself. You can buy this cutie here.


carina said...

oh no, why is kraftbomb always on when im away?!!

Ginny said...

<3 <3
i want one now! You'll be making me some of that when I'm next up, I'll test your skills!

Ruby in the Dust said...

that sound is ghghghghghghghghggggggggg (made in the back of your throat!! love it :)

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