The perfect Halloween dress.

This Saturday I'm going dressed as a dia de muertos, day of the dead, Catrina and I'm trying to decided on the perfect outfit to complement my painted face and fresh flower headband. These are my options, I went for all red dresses as they stood out to me the most, are they right?


If it's a little hard to see there is these to choose from.

Plain white peasant blouse and red tiered skirt.
Embroidered peasant blouse and red tiered skirt.
Plain red to the floor dress.
Black dress with red trim.
White dress with embroidery.
Red dress with floral applique.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Red dress with floral :) Happy Halloween

Ginny said...

Plain red to the floor would be really striking, but I like the embroidered white one & that would be obviously Mexican in a good way... x

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