Treats for me.

I treated myself to two sweet things yesterday at the craft market. A beauty of a purse by Flossy Fancy (and I hope soon to own a bunny too) and two great cards who will soon find homes by Cat Taylor. Two great NZ handmaking ladies.

Putting my purse to use.

And in keeping with the mappy theme that's been hanging around this blog like a dirty fly lately, my new globe! Thanks to my lovely BF. One super birthday present.

There we are! It always suprises me to see how far 'down under' we really are.


Swonderful said...

That BF knows you... Very clever gift! x

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Gorgeous purse! Yes, definately good pressie choice...he knows it means you will be off globetrotting again though, right?! X

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