Be mine Valentine.

So Valentine's Day is done and dusted. It can sod off.

I know most people hate it or think 'It's just a big ploy to get people to buy stuff'.. yeah yeah whatever. I think it's fun and I didn't spend a penny, except for on food but hey you've gotta be fed!

Plus the other half didn't spend a dime either. I got some beautiful hydrangeas from his garden and a wee silly song accompanied by a harmonica. Perfection.

We ended up going to see The Princess Bride down at the outdoor movies at Silo Park. It was packed and the perfect night for it. I made a ridiculous 'picnic for lovers' and the girls who sat next to us sniggered at everything we pulled out of the basket, I didn't mind so much, it was meant to be awfully (gag reflex) sweet.

'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.'

I took some photos of my prep. Hope you got some loving!

Those hearts are Roxy Marj printables, just about my favourite artist at the minute.

And the White's & Co. Valentine's Day Special we scoffed while watching the movie.

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