Sevens kids.

So a few weeks ago some friends and I ventured to Wellington (on a twelve hour bus I might add) to go see what the Sevens is all about. It was nuts, yes, but not quite as nuts as I thought it would be and we had a grand old time. Dressed as lost luchadores mob (Mexican wrestlers). There weren't too many others in the same thing, Lance Armstrongs however, I swear I saw one every 20 seconds! And we even got to enjoy some of Wellingtons pleasures, a stop in at Swonderful (a must!), Po Boys and curly fries at Sweet Mothers Kitchen, Snickers milkshakes at Maranui Cafe and a spot of swimming at Breaker Bay.

Oh, and I did watch a bit of rugby, how I cheered my lungs out for Kenya to win, very disappointing, a loss right at the last minute and to England, ouch.

Some shots of our crew below and the Cairnsy breakfast that saved my life.

La Taco Tickler.

Rojo Riding Rod.

Salsa Face.

Tantric Tortilla.

Itchy Enchilada.

Grapplin' Gringo.
Lil' Loco.

Chiquita pero Picosa.

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