Opens Thursday.

This guy I know (my most terrific and talented other half) has a show opening on Thursday night as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival. It's on from then, every night, through to Sunday night and I've been meaning to post a little ditty about it on here for weeks. Finally, here I am.

The show is called 'La Vie Dans Une Marionette', which means 'Life in a Puppet', an extension of a 10 minute piece they (White Face Crew) created and performed in The Short and Sweet Theatre Festival a few years ago and won the Wildcard with. A story of a puppet master who discovers his puppet comes alive with music and the friendship they discover. A bit of physical theatre, a bit of live piano (think Amelie beauties) and gags to keep you grinning. It's a two man show (actually 3, Jarrod plays the moon), the other main performer is Justin Haiu who is pretty much the greatest mover I've ever seen.

Have I sold it?

Folks, if you've got a night free on one of the performance dates I hope you might come along to see it. I'm going opening and closing night if you don't find a friend to join you, sit with me! It will be grand I know, those boys have talent coming out of their.. everywhere. You can get tickets here if you like, or buy them on the door on the night.

A wee performance they did this past Friday in Aotea Square.

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