Obrigada Selaron.

I've been meaning to write about this since I heard the awful news.

Once I wrote this about visiting the amazing tiled Lapa steps in Rio, made famous to me by Snoop Doggs 'Beautiful'. On the visit myself and Rosie were lucky enough to come across the artist, Selaron, who has worked tirelessly on the steps since 1990. We gifted him a tile for the stairs and he welcomed us into his home. We left with some of his art and he came out to take some snaps with us on the stairs. It was a blooming great day and a wonderful end to our time in Rio (oh how I love that city).

Then when a friend visited a few years later she saw our tile in the steps! Here he is and that post too.

But unfortunately on the 10th of January Selaron was found dead on his very own steps, burnt. A complete tragedy and I hope the mystery of his death is solved and it is not as sinister as it seems.

Image from here.

Obrigada Selaron for your wonderful gift to the greatest city. You mad all dressed in red spirit will no doubt be sorely missed by many.

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