This Saturday I'm going to an icon dress up party and since the weekends almost upon us, well it's hump day and it's a holiday, I thought I better get onto my costume. Frida Kahlo is one of my all time favourite ladies but she's well over done so I'm ruling her out (sorry Frida).

I think I might be best off going as a woman, just because I think to nail it looking a little like the person in the first place would be helpful i.e. the same private parts would help. So, so far I thought of Yoko, so recognisable, low dark glasses, long flowing hair (I definitely have my fair share of that) and a long dress plus peace fingers all night (easy enough).

Then I thought of Anne Frank, clip in the front of my hair, cute collar clothes and a Jewish star.

Next up there was Annie Hall- the clothes say it all, just need to find a great hat!

Then there was Carmen Miranda, because I've always wanted to dress up as her and actually already have a fruit hat in my possession. A dress as great as the ones she wore would prove difficult though no doubt.

Iris Apfel would be bloomin' grand too. So many accessories and those oversized round glasses!

Then I got onto men. Christopher Walken, big blazer, turtle neck, scarf and combed back hair with a little salt and pepper.

 Or Picasso! I own a lot of stripey tees.

And then of course (just thinking of my previous post as I write this) I could go as Selaron! Dressed in red and covered in tile filler.

Endless options. A little help?


the little look see said...

ooo fun, good theme. i vote anne frank or yoko for sure.

Valarie said...

This is cool!

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