the lovely fleur wood

My mother just got home from spending the ANZAC weekend in Sydney, and I spent a lovely weekend blobbing on the couch and watching DVD's that I found in my letterbox (favourite being the Breakfast Club). I was lucky enough to get a sweet gift from her trip from a wonderful designer's shop, Fleur Wood It was this bird and nest stamp set, I adore it. A perfect choice!

The stamp set is made by Cavallini Papers and Co. and you can get them online too from Kate's Paperie- which stocks some other cute stuff too.

I looked up the designer, as the bag and packaging was just as gorgeous as the stamp set, and it turns out she makes the most beautiful clothes too- and she names her garments 'Meet Me At Midnight' and 'Memory Lane' etc, cute!. Our favourites are the green dress and the patterned one too!

Holding out for a NZ stockist.

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Swonderful said...

oooh pretty! I love the second dress although I don't really do white. (too grubby!) It's all very vintagey, very you!
Oh birds, will we ever get over them? Our tee with the tag owl on it has had so many more views than our other stuff on etsy. Everyone is bird mad.

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