you just need to buy the fantasy?

The number one destination on Rosemary and I's list of travels is Brazil. For many reasons, one being we have many friends who live there in various cities. We are hoping to time our travels to arrive in Rio just in time for Carnival. For an 'unparalleled experience', which I'm pretty sure it will be. Have you seen the photos? Mental.

On my last trip away I read an article on the plane about Carnival and how it's possible to actually be in the parade. The writer had done it herself and said it was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I couldn't believe it! So have since talked to my friends in Brazil and in their usually excellent english they told me 'Yes it's true, you just need to buy the fantasy.' Gosh! The fantasy? After searching the topic I realise they mean costume- we will have to buy/hire a costume to participate and the prices are a bit steep but I can't think of anything more extravagant and hiliarious and mind-blowing all rolled into one. The Carnival is a competition between the biggest Samba schools in Brazil and is a huge deal. People learn the samba songs months out from the event and support their school like they might their soccer team. I shot gun being a wilted cabbage- at least they look reasonably covered up!

Pictures thanks to Christopher's flickr.

So watch this space. I will be dragging Rosemary through the parade in a skimpy samba suit not matter what, peas headpiece and all.

If you'd like to join us the best site I've found is here.

Hope your all having a lovely start to the week. xx

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