Our first sale.

Over the weekend we had a our first etsy sale! Hoorah. I was/am quite excited I did a quick jig around the house to my families horror and then but all my excited energy into wrapping it up and posting it off. It was wee Harold. We are sad to see him go as we are will every owl! But hope he has a happy home with his new owner Michelle. Thank you Michelle!

I was feeling rather disappointed till I got home to that news as I was booked in to to go hot air ballooning at the Hamilton Balloon Rally this weekend but unfortunately the flight was cancelled due to the weather. We were so excited to go ballooning amongst other balloons! But it can't be helped, we shall try again in Auckland this weekend. Fingers firmly crossed.

This lovely picture is courtesy of Ginny's friend Lydia. She is good at drawing. Yes sir.

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Swonderful said...

eeek! I see you have an owl named after me in your etsy! It's all true, especially the part about cleaning up after herself. Hehe!!
I'm pretty sure there was some dancing happening when we made your first sale too.
My friend in hammy posted a nice pic of the balloons, you can pretend you were there - http://www.flickr.com/photos/lydia_likes_drawing/2409891418/

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