funny. like ha ha.

Last night I went to an amazing comedy show, part of the International Comedy Festival we are having here in New Zealand. The comedian was Jason Cook and his show is called My Confessions. The show is 10 of his life confessions, all of which are true. I reccommend it to anyone who can make it to see it. He managed to rip me, and the rest of the audience, from laughter to tears and back again. Unfortunately he is only doing the show in Auckland from Saturday the 19 April to Saturday the 3 May. And its only a measly $23. Money well spent.

And I also found some great photos on Entre Cidades (like the one above). A site which I cannot understand but love their fotographias.

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Swonderful said...

my ma saw him on the telly & said she loled! for real! x

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