We thought we would share a sweet and easy way to brighten up cuppies if you're not talented with an icing wand. Sweet heart sweets! Just plonk them on to of regular icing (which holds them in place) and away you go. Cute.

And also, the View Master camera arrived. It is beautiful. A little banged up but otherwise its a great machine. I am going to a 1st birthday party this weekend ('Happy Birthday Lilly!') and think that would be a great place for the first test run. Fingers crossed the pictures come out great as I'd love to give them to her as a extra birthday suprise. Will post up the pics when I get them back.

Oh and last but not least- a pretty 21st invitation that turned up in my letter box. Thanks Sam!

Keep happy


Swonderful said...

Shriek!! have you used it yet??!!

lilysmakebelieve said...

Not yet! Will in the weekend, just been too busy. For now I will just have to oggle it!

Swonderful said...

Lucky it's rather handsome too! where do you find heart lollies? I have some that are just round with messages, but not hearts! I got busy with some cupcakes in the weekend too, I made chocolate with berries in the middle & peach with choc chip :P

lilysmakebelieve said...

Oh, there is a shop in Milford that sells the ones I used on the cupcakes. Nice and cheap too but they aren't in english! But cute none the less. And it isn't printed its stamped in sort of. Your cupcakes sound delicious! I have to make some for the 1st birthday party this weekend- any recipe suggestions? OH and! I bought a cutter for the film today!

Swonderful said...

chocolate with strawberry icing! fo sho! the best & most easy recipe ever is this- http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=6433.0you can use it for cake & cupcakes & you can easy add things etc

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