a black apple doll

I made my first Black Apple Doll on the weekend for sweet Lilly's first birthday, and I think it went down a treat.. it's hard to tell at that age. The doll was so quick and easy to make, and looked pretty cute considering I miss sewed the arm- its a little bung. You can find the very easy to follow pattern on Martha. You can see it in the bottom left corner below- tossed on the floor with the rest of the toys. Oh how I wish I was a kid again!

See the Anemone bunny below too!

And a big thank you to Annette from Nut and Bee, she bought a wee owl at Craftwerk and loved it so much she popped this picture on her blog. So glad you like it!

Have a great Tuesday.


virginia said...

Gosh you've been a busy blogger!
Craftwerk looks like it was great, did you do well?? Love all your purchases!

The tooth neklace looks like one of those lollies, num num.

Nice job on the black apple doll!

You're a craft-a-holic!


lilysmakebelieve said...

Hi Gin,

Yes we did really well! Was a great day, although very quiet in the morning- was quite a way out.

I haven't taken my teacup bracelet off since then- been coordinating my outfits around it. Heh heh.

Yeah the lolly ones from Jellybones are so realistic. I nearly went to eat the gummy bear I got Cayla yesterday, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and thought yes! a sweet! And then was disappointed when I remembered it was a necklace.

How have you and your mr been? xx

carina said...

i saw these owl necklaces at craftwerk & loved them too! - sorry didnt buy one though (no money - you know how it is!)

i see you have an etsy shop so i will pop on over one day...

nice blog p.s :)

lilysmakebelieve said...

Oh! hello carina!
(i can't figure out how to comment your blog? so hopefully you will see this here) Thank you for your comment and I'm happy to hear you like the wee owls too! My goodness I love the animal prints on your great blog!- I think I might have to start a collection of my own. xx

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