What a weekend it has been. Craftwerk and wee Lilly's 1st birthday. I thought I would post up a bunch of photos for those of you who weren't able to get out to the Pakauranga venue this time and share some of my purchases on the day.

Our neighbours to our left, Jellybones. I bought one of their 'Hug Me' badges and for only $8, what a bargain. And a red gummy bear necklace for the boyfriends nieces birthday coming up this week.

More of Jellybones awesome stuff (and great prices).

Our (half) stall this time. With friend Jess who made some wonderful Mothers Day and birthday cards for the stall too.

Our neighbour, the other half of the stall, Lindsay of Rekindle.

She makes the most beautiful bangles from old teacups- Jess and I couldn't resist so got one each. And we both eyed up the heart around her neck (made from the teacups handles, genius).

The one I chose.

Lindsay also made these ceramic bowls in her last year of her degree and was selling them for $30! So I picked one up too for my mum for Mothers Day (this coming Sunday- don't forget!).

Some of the other stalls we loved. Deborah Resnicks felt branch pendants and brooches above and Sam Ducker-Jones wonderful handmade finger puppets below- I love the green one with his teeth showing. Really regretting not getting him.

And some brill screenprinted cork placemats.

The shirt I bought for a friend, a (very late) christmas present. Designed and printed by the talented Anti-Fashion League.

And lucky Jess got this sweet little money box for $2 from the vintage stall.

There were so many other wonderful stalls, Nut and Bee and Anemones baby bits are always big winners with me and a great stall selling giant watties can pillows and other fascinating things. Thank you Craftwerk, you always look so good.


Claire said...

Great to find out you have a blog! i had my eye on one of those cute little owls.. and the letter necklace. i know my sister would love it for her birthday.. let me know if you make any more.
now with regards to the t-shirt i don't have any smaller guys ones at the moment, actually just gave the last one away. Must get around to updating this on my shop before i get in trouble. I have a few grey x-sml guys one still at the screen printers, but not sure if they will fit him. Let me know his measurements maybe and we'll see what might fit best. (sizing chart on afl website.) ~ Claire

lilysmakebelieve said...

oh thanks claire! shucks. Yes we have more owls and letter necklaces. The envelope letters seem to be more popular than the postcards. Perhaps we should just try washing it and popping it in the dryer as you suggested, but I'll try get his measurements today. Thanks a bunch! I love your stuff.

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