craftwerk and a new bike.

Over the weekend I purchased a new bike.. (or a new-old bike?)- and its a beaut. A blue Raleigh- made in Napier at Morrison in the 60s with lots of lovely English parts. With a bell and a white tyre pump attached. So far he has only been round the block with me as I don't have a helmet. I would like to find an attractive one.. is this possible? If any one knows of any great stockists of helmets and pretty baskets please let me know! xx

This saturday (tomorrow) is Craftwerk. One of our favourite times of the year. This time its at the Te Tuhi Summer Market (summer?). 13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga and there is even a free bus to it leaving at 1.30 from Artspace, 300 K rd so you have no excuse not to come see us. And as always the Craftwerk folk have organised some great bands to entertain us too. The Spoils (all the way from Melbourne), Seth & Merle (all the way from Wellington), Ryan Cardno (from right here in Auckland) and Too Many Cats (performing on the Art Bus out there). Brilliant. Hope to see you there.


Swonderful said...

It's beautiful! I'm surprised you're not keeping it in your bedroom!

Helmet Shmelmet! Just ride on the footpath.

What are those acorny things hanging out with your owls??

lilysmakebelieve said...

I wish I could. It rained on it the first day I got it. I left it out on the lawn and then realised it was pouring with rain. I could laughed at for towelling it dry in the garage. :)

I want to ride all the way to work and back each day and I'm worried I'll get whacked off at the top of a driveway. AH!

I varnished some acorn tops but I'm unsure what to do with them. Pins? Perhaps? Any suggestions

Swonderful said...

Silly people! Of course you should towel her down! You should name her too... Or you could just lovingly refer to her as Ray-lee.

hhhmmm driveways are a little problematic. i've been hit by a lady coming out of a carpark once...

You should get some beads that fit into the acorn tops & make pendants!

I know what you'll be doing tonight... Have fun & good luck tomorrow :)

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