When your feeling down look at..

Some Tamar Mogendorff toys to brighten your day.


Swonderful said...

word sister! Another good cure for the blues is a bit of FOTC. "Too many mutha uckers ucking with my shi..." Gets me everytime :)

Claire said...

WOW I love those birdy houses, and the beeauuutiful pinecone. Sorry I didn't see your comment on my clairesmusic blog until now! Somehow didn't get a email about it. Anyway, here is the link to the AFL size chart http://antifashionleague.com/store/images/sizingafl.jpg looks to me like he's between a XLittle and a Little. There's no nudie ones left in Little, but there are some of the other t's. You can do a swap if you want. It's going to be a while (maybe next summer) before i order more nudie t-shirts in small. But any other t is fine. Just look at antifashionleague.com and you'll see what's avail.

carina said...

I wish i was this clever! these toys are LOVELY!

lilysmakebelieve said...

I wish too!

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