tea for two

I just recieved my package from Teaforte (based in Christchurch) and ridiculously quick! Good old PBT couriers. I found them thanks to Victoria n' Bird (a fantastic NZ designer who is stocked in Swonderful).
Everything is absolutely beautiful and lovely Michelle popped in two samples for me to try as I haven't tried their product before and what I ordered is for a gift. I will definately be coming back for more. The idea for Teaforte was dreamt up by renowned American designer, Peter Hewitt and now has stockist and sellers all over the whole- the New Zealand branch is particulary great.

Even if the tea was ghastly I think I'd still buy more just to see more of their great packaging- but not to my suprise the tea is just as delicious. I got to try Flora and Ginger, there are so many others.

Have a look at their site to see all the flavours and other bits and pieces you can buy. I really want the teacup with the lid that just lets the leaf show.

Thank you so much Michelle.

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