Cocotte Couture

Thanks to Lucky Life's Etsy favourites, I've discovered the beautiful clothes of Cocotte Couture, Barcelona. Their profile states 'Each cloth is homemade with delicacy and love!' Exactly what I've been looking for and all their pieces look just that! (My favourites above, Josephine Tent Dress, Miranda Mini Dress and Clyde Shirtdress).
I've been on the hunt for really well made and unusual women's clothes on Etsy for a while but my searches haven't brought up many good results. There is so many great childrens pieces (Anemone, Lucy's Place etc) out there but I haven't been able to find many women's wear designers circulating their wears on Etsy (asides from Papercup of course! and now Cocotte Couture too). Am I just looking in all the wrong places?
Cocotte Couture have a blog too, visit them here.


kimberlee said...

a fabulous designer... I know what you mean about not finding good womens stuff. so I am off to check them out!

thanks also for the little plug :)

lilysmakebelieve said...

Not a problem- it's true Lies and your stuff are beautiful! I wish I had a little one of my own to dress (one day) for now my friends children will do :)

I was hoping your comment would include a whole bunch of womenswear sellers I have missed! They must be out there somewhere? Hope all is well!

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