Loving this.

I swear I have something similar to this dress in my dress-up box. Perhaps not quite as beautiful or intricate but I think it might be time to whip it out and give it a Peter Pan hem.

The dress above is from Lover's Winter 07 collection (bit behind the times but hey!) and below some niceness from their Spring/Summer 08-09 range. I am really liking their light weight jackets.


Ginny said...

You have a dress up box?! I want Lover jeeeeaaans... oh & a little light blazer would be nice too.
Ps- My lamp looks awesome with a normal bulb in it! X

lilysmakebelieve said...

Hehe why yes I do. And everytime I go back into it I seem to find something that's great again. Like the lacy dress :) Mostly it's my mums old clothes- but some other odd bits we've picked up along the way and some childhood halloween costumes! My mum used to belong to a theatre group so I think we ended up with a lot of stuff from there :) I love lamp.

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