"Cloche", French for "bell-shaped" describes this snug fitting cap worn low over the ears. Lizarietz, Etsy for another talented seller doing something delightfully different. Her Cloche hats are made from a variety of luxury fabrics and can be made to fit even the strangest of headshapes.

Lizarietz also sells great womenswear too and has her own store Liza Rietz and a Broken Spoke in Portland, Oregon. But her hats are my favourite and the boyfriend just purchased the black Cloche for his mum- I can't wait to see it in the flesh.


kimberlee & Lies said...

what a stylish boyfriend's mom.

you always find the best stuff on etsy, those hats are devine. I am considering getting one!

also I just emailed you the article so you can have a look

Ginny said...

Very nice! I have now bookmarked her blog, why are all the hippest & most creative designers from Portland? X

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