Another world.

In honour of the new X-files movie... which I don't intend to see. Is there life out there? hehe. Geek.


Paper Cut said...

Hello Liv!

I am intrigued by your idea for writing up ink & spindle, especially as it's a start up! I am happy for you to persue any of the options you suggested, let me know your thoughts and we can talk word count & pics!

Swonderful said...

Is that Rich? I can tell by the adams apple! hehe

lilysmakebelieve said...

Hehe yes it is rich and his adams apple.

kimberlee said...

before I changed my name to Munn (via marriage) I was once "mulder" just like agent mulder in X files. I am so glad this movie is coming out again, just to remind people about my famous name (they were starting to forget!)

also you won!
so check out the blog!

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