Feeling Pretty Spoilt

I thought I would show off some of the lovely gifts I recieved for my birthday. I was pretty spoilt this year and apparently I still have gifts to come! The BF has something especially secretive coming in the mail and I have an inkling it's something from Etsy, eek! Cannot wait.

A beautiful owl print from my good (and very talented) friend, Jess. And a batch of delicious cupcakes from Trace, mint and chocolate. Yum, yum, yum!

A super special bat necklace from Catalina's new collection! Cat sells her gears through Endemic World and her new collection is showing at Fashion Week this year too. And below some very helpful (and pretty) travel books for the future (thanks Steve!). Thanks so much to all who have spoilt me this year with messages and gifts. xx

P.S. The Rio one of these is really good!


little ruby and the sea said...

oooo and more to come! haven't got one from me yet :)

Now you have 4 wallpaper books... did I give you one last year? or am I have mind gaps?

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

hehe- hope this post doesn't sound to showy offy! :) and yes you did (rome). I have a nice little set and I hope to collect some more along the way.

Swonderful said...

Nice haul! Those cupcakes look amazing X

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