Jess and I setting up, I'm looking particulary goofy!

The stall all ready to go.

Kraftbomb was a complete success! A great day indeed. The first few hours were ridiculously manic and the last hour was lovely and quiet- so a note for next time, don't come right at 1 cause you will get lost in the crowds! Unfortunately in all the rush Jess and I were both cameraless so no pictures to show from us but there are some great ones up on the Kraftbomb blog and City's flickr (that's where I snuck this one of our stall from, thanks City!).

But thank you to everyone who came to visit and I hope you all came away with something great. I finally bought myself a Birdspoke necklace! It is an all native birds one and I will photograph it asap. I think the fact they're birds from home will be nice when Rosemary and I head off overseas, or maybe that was just the excuse I came up with to buy it.

I also go some of R.W Scissors brilliant braille tags and a greatest Geek Freeks magnet for the boyfriend who was at home nursing a sprained ankle.

The next Kraftbomb is at the end of September if you missed out this time. Can't wait!


ruby in the dust said...

I had a very quick look around at Kraftbomb, it was sooo busy. Looked like it was a great success:)

Jessica said...

bhaha i was compleley oblivious to these being taken!! wee stall standing strong from the front :)

thetinylittlegirl said...

your stall looks really great!
i have some markets coming up, working out stall displays is tough work ;-)

kimberlee said...

you guys have such an attractive stall! I always love your set up! it was good to see you at craftbomb, I used this picture in my post as well :)


R.W.S. said...

Hey thanks for buying some braille tags! I hope you guys have heart candy again [yum] next Kraftbomb, what a lifesaver that was!

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