On the move.

So our favourite store Swonderful is on the move. But they're not going too far, just from Brooklyn to Downtown. Into a lovely place at 95 Victoria Street. And with the move comes new stock!

Because Fran and Ginny are so delightful, they saved me from sporting a bare bottom at my graduation at the begining of this year, with two days to spare they whipped up a gorgeous dress which I've worn weekly since! Now the dress has made it in store in the most amazing yellow. The perfect summer dress and I'm now pining after one of their new seaside tops! To see the rest of their new stuff you best hussle along to the opening of the new store on the 11th of October- as I have a feeling this pieces won't be around for long!

Here's me in my very own Grad dress. Ignore the naff cape!

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Ginny said...

:) Pretty. I like the VPL behind you! Reow!

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