A View To Grey and Green.

More colour collections from A View To's blog. So oddly beautiful. These would make wonderful prints I think- these are my favourites, I love the bunny and the whistle in the grey and rosette-type badge in the green.

There are many more for those of you curious on A View To here.

That lace dress in the dress up's.. it really must come up for air. Loving her look but not completely sure I could pull it off quite as well!
Image from Lookbook.


Ginny said...

I like the silver & I can't believe you haven't rocked that frock yet! X

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

I know I know I'm a bit chicken. I have a 21st this weekend so perhaps it can make it's debut! But I think it might need some seamstress attention between now and then. Taken up a bit at least.

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