Love hearts.

Chelsea Thorpe

Last night I was lucky enough to get to see two ANZFW shows. Chelsea Thorpe's splendid collection and Stolen Girlfriends Club's, Pretty Vacant. The shows were complete polar opposites.

I loved Chelsea's colour palatte, predominately black and cream with splashes of limes and moss greens. The photo's of the show I've seen don't quite do it justice. The colours were much more vibrant in the flesh. The velvet pieces (yes, I never thought I'd say it) and her silk layering roughly chopped we my favourites and I'll be definately tracking some of it down come next winter.

The Stolen Girlfriends Club show was much more laid back, held off site in the DHL warehouse in Morningside and the collection was well suited to the venue. An abundance of tartan, tulle, raw edges, beanies, doc martins, barbwire, safety pins, lace and hearts. Although it might take me a while to come round to their heavily punk themed goodies I did find a heartshaped tartan and lace bodice quite tempting.

The show was particulary special to Rosemary and I this year, as our crafting fingers went to work on the Pretty Vacant love hearts pinned to the garments. I felt like a proud mother watching them go down the run way and it quickly became a game of spot the hearts. I particulary loved the crotch placement of one and one of the dresses was covered in them.

Our handwork before sending them off.

Runway reporter Chloe de Ridder noted "They also got worked up on love (hearts were huge)". After the shows we were let loose on drinks served in jars and from an upturned mini, while The Tutts played out the side of a DHL truck. My middle week shaped up quite nicely.

Jess and I are volunteering for the rest of the week and weekend. Can't wait.

You can see most of the collection here and Chelsea's show here.


lifeisart said...

Your blog is beyond creative and ingenious!

Ginny said...

oh yay! I like Chelsea Thorpe & that green is lovely even in that photo.

I wondered how the hearts turned out! They look lovely! How come I can't click the photo to view it bigger? :/

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

hmm I'm not actually sure. Wonder what I did there? :)

the little look see said...

thoroughly enjoyed that post olive, you covered it nicely :)
good luck tonight!
cu tomorrow

kimberlee said...

hey great your involvement with fashion week.

hey for some reason I was not seeing your new post (this happens from time to time) until yesterday, I could only see the kraftbomb one, so that is why I have not been commenting.

put the WSW stuff up today if you want to have a peak!


little ruby and the sea said...

So proud!!! ~ Ruby

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