The makers and the nominated.

Here are some splendid pictures of the two ridiculously talented and incredibly hardworking ladies behind Kraftbomb, City (left) and Karla. I could not resist popping these pictures up, they look smoking.

Not only do they work tirelessly all month to put on such a great, regular craft fair in Grey Lynn, they also find time to dream up and create crafts for their own stalls at Kraftbomb too.

City is the famous (and this name is well deserved believe me!) NZ cupcake queen and Karla (right) works with her husband, Alex, to create my favourite plushies- the Geek Freeks. The Bag of Boogies I bought last Kraftbomb bring me joy every day.

Thank you both for all your hardwork. We all really appreciate it. Kraftbomb rules.

Also! our favourite store Swonderful has been nominated for a Wellingtonista award! Hoorah, they couldn't be more deserving. So if you've been to their shop/blog and loved what they are doing even half as much as we do please vote here and help them win!


Swonderful said...

Feeling the love! And the spray paint fumes from my Xmas tree... aughhhh....

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Aww, the k-bomb ladies look gorgeous!! Woot woot!

Geek Booteek said...

Hey thanks for the kind words Olivia, Sundays K-bomb was such a success it's great to hear you guys had a fun day!! Are you guys doing Craftwerk?

city said...

thanks for the Kraftbomb love lady! And congrats to Swaonderful, you guys are super rad!!


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