Ah the internet. You are my friend, you have saved the day once again.

With our trip looming and the news that we are not able to stay with one of our friends in Brazil when we arrive, Rosemary and I were feeling rather hopeless and homeless about the Rio leg of our world trip. As we are in Rio for 10 days over the week of Carnaval everything, it turns out, is almost triple the price, even the cheapest hostels were going to be a stretch for us! Unbelievably one place we looked at was 40R the day before Carnaval begins and 180R the next.

But, aha! I remembered that we signed up for a couching surfing site when we first started planning our trip and immediately headed to the site and keyed in Rio. Turns out there are hundreds of 'couches' avaliable for 2 people in the city. We made contact with a few of the people who had really lovely comments from people who had stayed in their homes and crossed our fingers, and patiently waited.

A lovely guy called Jean was the first to reply and was at the ready to help us out and host us once we reached Brazil. After a few emails back and forth it is now done and dusted- we are staying with Jean and his mother (and their two cats!) while in Rio!

'It's ok if you wanna spend 10 days here, as long as you don't turn
the house into a a total mess.. because I'm not leaving you in the streets' What a great guy! Thank you Jean.

The internet (and Jean of course) is a god send, now we can't wait to reach Rio.

Jean, on the left?


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Yay! How very exciting...

Amber said...

Awesome, I love couchsurfing. I've hosted a few people and it has been great fun. When do you set off on your adventure?

kimberlee said...

awesome, I am glad you will not be homeless and abandoned.


ruby in the dust said...

what a cool idea and a great way to meet the locals!

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