Bon voyage.

While looking after our Craftwerk stall last Thursday night we asked a lady carrying a Oui Boutique bag what she'd bought, out came this great canvas Bon Voyage tote. Jess and I oggled the bag and the lady was chuffed- a completely delightful design on such a practical bag. Perfection. As she was putting it back in her shopping bag we noticed the Papercup swing tag. Turns out it's one of the new designs from our wonderful Swonderful friends and I want one!

They just put up their own post about the bags and the other styles here. Just $18! each, santa.. please?


Ginny said...

:) Chuffy McChuff Chuff.
For some reason the photos look much better in iphoto than on the net... :/

Lies said...

Aren't the bags great? And we have the shirts toooo! Swing on by girls! See you on sunday's Craftbomb I hope X

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

wee for oui! Yes see you Sunday Lies! And maybe Gin too :)

little ruby and the sea said...

Clever Ginny :) Very cute little bag...I wish swonderful had a shop in Auckland. I would be a regular!

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