To the jolly man.

Since we are leaving for our adventure so soon, my christmas wishlist pretty much consists of gifts of money- which is terribly lame. So I thought I'd compile a wee wish list of 'practical' items (hey, practical to me anyhow) that could be good for my travels too. Hm except those heels.

American Apparel Skater Dress (navy)

American Apparel Singlet Dress (white)

American Apparel Circle Skirt (black)

Yakkay Helmut (paris)

Not For Tourists Guide Books
(These guys are so lovely! They popped us an email to thank us for putting their books on the blog, not a problem fellos! you're books and email-outs and fantastic!)

Country Road Ballet Flats
Marni. Drool.

Woolen Clutch from Caroline Ladd.


Amber said...

Hmm you never know, I'm sure the heels would have some use!

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

When are you living and when will you be back? Sniff sniff..

the little look see said...

great selection. american apparel, exciting!!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

:) leaving in Feb Deb and back in August. Frightened and excited.

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