Allen Company Inc.

If you've never checked out Allen Company Inc on Etsy I highly recommend you do. Allen Company has been one of my favourite Etsy vintage stores since my time on Etsy began. They find the most beautiful goodies and all in such great condition. I've never made a purchase but by golly theres been a lot of items I would have loved to own. Below are some of the beauties up in the shop at the moment, and if you browse through their sales you will be drooling for days.

Allen Company have a great blog too which allows you to have a sneak peak at their new items before they hit the etsy shop!

Hope you enjoy the browse.

Silk Peach Minidress.

Corduroy Mini Skirt.

Vintage Ankle Boots.

Biker Glam Boots.

Cobalt Flats.


the little look see said...

go allen co.!
loving all those shoes, cobalt flats and such!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

hehe I did think of you miss allen!

Bee said...

love the cord mini! cute colour.

ruby in the dust said...

so nice! hey, I thought of it a bit late last night, but would you like a trade for another little pouch? I'm making a blue one for RWS and have enough fabric left for two more.. How about a pouch for an owl? only if you are still in need of a last-minute pressie :)

Blood Roses said...

awesome boots!

FashionSqueah! said...

All lovely! I don't know what we all did in the days before etsy, honestly!

kimberlee said...

very cool stuff indeed, especially the vintage shoes, which never fit my feet. sigh.

Megan de Klerk. said...

I love the black western shoes!!

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