The best tour on a budget.

Something I forgot to mention about Buenos Aires. If your travelling to or are in Buenos Aires I really recommend this wee walking tour. The tours are run by a group of young Buenos Aires lovers who grew up in the city.

One of our friends recommended the tour to us so we dragged ourselves out of bed our first day and did it. It's a free tour, (they do several, we did the morning city tour) the guys work from tips so however you felt about the tour or whatever you can afford that's what you pay. Our guide, Gaston, was brilliant, and we managed to chat to him about other things we might be interested in the city, he recommended an great bar that we went to that night.

The tour took about 2 and half hours and we learnt so much about the city, plus it gave us our bearings for the rest of our time there. We were both a little hesistant about how good a 'free' tour could be and it definitely exceeded our expectations in everyway.

Good luck with the future guys, from two very happy customers.

Our tour group.
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