The teletubbies do science.

When we were visiting San Francisco, I took a trip one morning to the California Academy of Sciences. I only had a hurried 45 minutes in the Academy unfortunately but I could have spent hours there. Everything in this place was so interesting, even the way the building was made is mind blowing (the walls are insulated with recycled denim products!) and I particulary loved my trip up the elevator to the roof top. Their real live living roof looks like something out of the teletubbies.
Here are a few of my pictures from the morning.

The roof from way below.

The roof from above.


kimberlee said...

whoa amazing!

Ginny said...

That is really cool, pity you didn't have long. XXX

Quixsa said...

Crazy cool!

snowdome said...

very teletubbie-esque!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

I read about this place, coohool!
Hope you gals are well - thanks for your lovely wishes on our new littlie.
X lies

Iris said...

I wish I could have a house just like this! Very rad.

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