A boy named Lucas.

A friend of ours, Lucas, seems to have a dab hand at photographing bugs. Look at that bug flying through the air! It's caught in a spiders web but it took me a long time to figure that out, perhaps I'm just a bit slow, but I thought it was water spraying upwards from his mighty leap.

We met Lucas while staying with one of his friends, Jean, in Brasil. He is a biology student from Rio de Janeiro and I really think he should somehow mix his photography & his biology in someway in the future, Lucas for National Geographic perhaps. Check his flickr account out if you think so too.

We love your pictures Lucas!

It's worth the look even just to see some of the incredible bugs they have lurking around their country, they give the weta a run for it's money! He also has some really great pictures of Brasilian landscapes rolling around on there too.

Hope all are well! x

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