Bottled bills and Vivienne Westwood.

Getting behind again on these posts but really would like to do them in order. So, back in Rio (we are a long way from there now) we spent a day exploring some really nice parts of the city. We went to Parque Lage, also feature in the Snoop Dogg 'Beautiful' video. It's been a public park since the 60's and it is absolutely beautiful.

There is a little cafe there and we stopped in for a drink, something you need to do regularly in the summer in Brasil, and admired the view with Christ looking down on us from his hill just behind the park. Parque Lage is also now host to an art school and you can see the students below sitting around on the cushion seats pool side with their work in the background. The cafe served delicious food and drink (freshly squeezed juices as cheap as chips) but the best part about the cafe was how the bill came. Rolled like a message in a bottle!

That same day we took the tram ride over the Lapa arches, hanging off the side all the way, up into the neighbour hood of Santa Teresa. Vintage clothing and junk shops come view and far between in Brasil it seems so if your in Rio, head to Santa Teresa, that is where most of them hang out. Rosie scored a vintage Vivienne Westwood woolen blazer for only $50R! And it fit her like a glove (dammit!) We both couldn't believe it!
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