Melissa shoes.

Ever since my good friend, Ginny, from Swonderful, introduced me to her delightfully smelling Melissa shoes I have been hooked on the brand. Not only are the shoes completely vegan, they are completely great too.

Melissa is a Brasilian brand of plastic shoes and I was lucky enough to visit the Melissa Gallery in Sao Paulo while we were there. We were about 3 shops away when I started to smell them, oh that sweet smell! The Gallery is definitely worth a look if your into shoes and are travelling to Sao Paulo. It's right on Oscar Freire St, a really good shopping strip with a huge Havaianas store and a Osklen one too.

Here are the wee beauties I picked up before fleeing the country! They are a Vivienne Westwood and Melissa colaboration (Westwood's been on the brain of late).

And I just noticed this great pair on the sites blog. Melissa rules.

If anyone saw two scruffy girls some where in London a few days ago huffing some Melissa's on display, Rosie and I apologise. They just smell so so good!


Amber said...

Ooh ahh those first ones are amazing! They sell some Melissa shoes in AKL but I've never seen any as nice at that.

Where are you guys now?

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Hi Amber! Yes, Ginny picked hers up in Wellington- they were a bit cheaper in Brasil which was good! We are now in London for nearly 2 weeks then to Paris next. My blog posts are so far behind!
Hope you are well!

the little look see said...

oh cute, those bow one are to die for, waht flavour are they?

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Sweet sweet candy flavour.

Ginny said...

sooo jealous! I've never seen ones like that either! I have shoe envy. When are you back missus? Must not be long now...?

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Oo they are super but unfortunately Richard accidently took them home with him so they are waiting patiently for me to wear them in his house. I am back on the 24th of August, so a wee bit to go yet. Fingers crossed my money holds out. About to email you re something for the shop too! x

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