Brooklyn Flea.

While we were in New York, we set aside a whole day to spend across the bridge in Brooklyn and it's surrounding areas. We spent most of the day at the Brooklyn Flea!

It takes place every weekend in two locations, every Saturday in Fort Greene (10am-5pm), and every Sunday in DUMBO (11am-6pm). It was a Saturday so we headed off to the flea at Fort Greene. The day was absolutely scorching and the flea was everything I had always thought it was, there was a mix of vintage stalls, retro, art, craft, jewellery and incredible food. A definate must see for anyone with a heart for such goodness like my own.

I was happy to score an old Diane von Furstenburg dress for a bargain, a silver terradactyl ring and drank countless bottles of limonata (it was so ridiculously hot) to keep us going. Two hours of so later we ventured out to discover the rest of what the other side of the bridge has to off. A lot.

The flea.

Rosie browsing the stalls.

My limonata with it's can cap on.

The dress, with grey dress underneath, it was a windy day!


Quixsa said...

Ah! This looks like a fantastic flea market! :0) Sounds like you found some nice vintage pieces as well

Kimberlee and Lies said...

waah. drooool. you are where i wanna be. and you always look so swanky! keep well travellers x lies

Mademoiselle Lady Finger said...

That is one pretty dress, my dear x

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