Dad's day in Devonport.

First of all, Happy Father's Day Dad!

It was such a beautiful day here in Auckland, we've had a run of good weather this past week, and I headed off to the Devonport Craft Market. Was a really nice morning and a good turn out, although not as busy as the past few times I heard.

Just a few quick photos of the stall for you to see.

And, if you missed out on coming down it really is worth the trip, even if you have to come over the bridge (I know it's a big barrier for some people) and it's on the first Sunday of every month.

My view from behind the stall.

Behind the scenes. Water and cellphone, the market essentials.

The stall.

'Off to London' charm necklace.

New knotty rope bracelets.

New open ladder bow badges.


Packing up.

And a word of advice from the gallery next door.

A big thanks to the Devonport Craft Market ladies! I had such a lovely day x


sujamie said...

i always wanted to travel to new zealand. i heard everything from the weather and to the city was gorgeous.

kimberlee said...

wow you have been a posting machine!

this market looks really fabulous, did it go okay?

your stall is looking amazing, you have obviously been inspired by your travels!

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