Gabrielle Teschner and his maps.

My good friend, Alex, sent me a this link to a designboom post called 'Cutting Edge Maps' as she spotted it after seeing what I'd been doing with the 'Take me there' cutouts.

I find all of this work incredible (see the link) and one artists work very similar to what I've been doing, Gabrielle Teschner's, I managed to find his blog after a quick search- the one on the designboom post didn't work for me- and those brilliant maps (much more thought provoking than my dreams of travel ones might I add) are not all Gabrielle does. So many other brilliant creations can be found here, and my favourites below.

"Islamic Arch/First Mission Headstone" installed in a doorway, 2009, muslin.
I'd like one of these in my doorway please.

"Making Japans", cut red tissue paper, 36"x24", 2007

"Japans?", cut red tissue paper, 2007

HERE LIES VENEZUELA (over map of Southern California)

SOUNDINGS IN FATHOMS (over Countries of the Nile)

(over Switzerland: Italian Lakes atlas page)

cut paper measuring as tall as I am .

cut paper, measuring quite large, say 26"x40"

I got in touch with Gabrielle once I saw his work and he said of it, 'The subject of maps never tires. I started thinking about the desire to be somewhere else while I was traveling in Asia and realized that so much of being anywhere is produced in the imagination -- that our experience of a place is at battle with the place itself. This led to a consideration of how the diagram of a place, a map, alters the experience even more. Imagine if somehow your cut maps were interpreted literally -- and you arrived on a giant sheet of white paper, covered in colored lines with text shuffling at your feet...!'

Thanks Gabrielle for your reply and I look forward to following your future work.

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