A new gang in town and something not to miss.

The girls who run Kraftbomb, Karla and City, are pretty dam great but I think they've out done themselves this time. A Kraftbomb patched gang. Where do I join?

Coming soon is all I know.

And another thing worth a note is the art auction The Northern Steamship is holding tomorrow night at 7.30.

'A chance to bid for some amazing art from local and international artists, the auction is been held at the Northern Steamship 122 Quay Street close to Britomart transport center. There will be live music through out the night with performances by The EARLYBIRDS and other special guests playing after the auction.'

It turns out the great work on my local liquor shop (a few posts back) is by a guy I went to school with, Cinzah Merkins, and he's got work at the auction. Go!

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